2015 Reading Challenge

Posted in Blog by - Dec 30, 2014

Kindred’s 2015 Reading Challenge

Earlier today I saw a 2015 Reading Challenge that didn’t seem…challenging. Here’s one that might be a bit tougher for the avid readers out there. Click here (or on the image) to download a PDF!

Let me know any authors I should’ve included! Also, please let me know what you think is wrong with the list. When referring to the list, we ask you use the phrase “no, THAT list.” If, at any point, you feel as though the integrity of The List has been comprised, send us a tweet @kindredbooks! Additionally, if you’re looking for a humorous …

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Cyber Monday Spectacular

Posted in Blog by - Dec 01, 2014

Hey everyone! We’ve decided to participate in Cyber Monday this year and offer a huge deal to anyone who hasn’t (or has!) read what we have to offer. Our original eBooks listed at $0.99 are as follows:

Discord in Harmonia by Rod Kroes

Taliesin: The Making by Aaron Birdwell

Four Corners of America: Riding & Writing America’s Edges by Jake Morse

Anarchy at the Asylum by Rod Kroes

The Report on The Demise of The Water Gate Post …

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10 Reasons to Self-Publish Your Novel

Posted in Blog by - Nov 10, 2014

(note: this could be satirical)

Hey everyone! Still have that novel you keep-thinking-about-but-haven’t-finished? Yeah, me too.

But wait! You should totally keep working on it! In fact, you should finish it, format it as an eBook, and sell it on Amazon through Kindle! Here are 10 reasons why you should finish that novel in the back of your head and #SelfPublish!

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Four Corners of America

Posted in Featured, Latest Releases by - Oct 29, 2014
Four Corners of America

Four Corners of America: Riding & Writing America’s Edges by Jake Morse

Being both recently retired, neither my long-time friend/riding buddy Lynden Wyant nor I could any longer conjure cop-outs about cobbling together a 4 Corners USA trip. Ours wouldn’t be the 21 day Southern California Motorcycling Association sponsored trek, but one dictated by our starts and stops as we saw them presented by all those unpredictable, two wheeled travel gremlins (bells on!). While McGregor and Boorman chose the title “Long Way Round”, ours would be Long Time Round. Whatever might catch our attention would be worthy of exploration. Young riders …

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Another Brick in The Wall

Posted in Latest Releases by - May 15, 2014

Another Brick in The Wall; By Kindred Founder Bruce Loper

If you were ever in school and felt like ‘another brick in the wall’, this book is for you. This is drama and humor at its best. This is the state of Public education. This is a character driven book where you can feel and empathize with their emotions. This is truth.

Pages: 126

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Indie eBook Sales & Earnings On The Rise

Posted in Blog by - Mar 17, 2014

[Story via Smashwords Blog]

2014 will be an exciting year for self-publishers; Rising eBook sales for Indie Authors

Especially those choosing to publish and market with Amazon’s Kindle (and Kindle Publishing Direct) platform. Based on 2014 metrics, compiled by Smashwords’ blog author Mark Coker, eBook sales earned by indie authors and traditional authors are trading places: the marketshare for traditional author earnings is still going down, while indie author earnings and eBook sales have increased to 12% (since .03% in 2008).

Not only is this good news for already published eBook authors, it’s a great opportunity for …

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Kurt Vonnegut Infographic: Shapes of Stories

Posted in Blog by - Feb 20, 2014

Kurt Vonnegut Infographic breaks down his Thesis

This is the coolest infographic (and the by far coolest Kurt Vonnegut Infographic ever) we’ve seen so far in 2014 – we had to post it! Credit goes to the author, Maya Eilam, who put together a fantastic infographic on Vonnegut’s rejected Master’s Thesis in Anthropology: The Shapes of Stories. Vonnegut’s thesis poses that most story plots can be converted, or graphed, onto a scale. Most stories would fall under examples of these scales, as they’re familiar and relatable with the ups and downs of many works – both new and old. (As explained in …

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