Sixth Annual Writers’ Workshop Set for April 16

Posted in Blog by - Apr 13, 2016

CADILLAC — Area writers and aspiring writers have an opportunity to discover specialized techniques for marketing their books at the sixth annual writers’ workshop sponsored by Write To Publish.

[Story via Herald Review]

By Randy Johnston

“Plug Your Book—Successful Marketing Strategies for Authors” is the theme of this year’s event which takes place Saturday, April 16, from 1 – 4 p.m. at the Clam Lake Township Hall in Cadillac. Advance registration is not required. The admission charge is $5.00 per person, payable at the workshop.

The featured speaker is William McConnell, co-founder and owner of Bit Social Media.

In his presentation, “Go Social—Digital and Social Media Marketing …

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Amazon’s Latest Kindle Oasis Leaks Online

Posted in Blog by - Apr 12, 2016

Several images of Amazon’s eighth e-reader iteration, Kindle Oasis, have leaked online through a Japanese retail website.

[Originally Reported by The Verge] Although the Kindle Oasis reveal wasn’t supposed to happen until later this week (check out Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ tweet below), some technical specs were included with the images – but, for the most part, we’re loving everything we’re seeing.

At this point, I’m sure Jeff is upset about the leak – especially after prepping for a big reveal. But, it’s not like he has other things to worry about: like when he lost $6 Billion in January.

From the leaked information and Kindle Oasis screenshots …

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50 eBook Hashtags for Kindle Authors

Posted in Blog by - Mar 29, 2016

Ask any author on Amazon and the answer is the same: hashtags are a great avenue for reaching your audience. Between book niches like romance, sci fi, and even non-fiction, authors use eBook hashtags to keep readers close to their work – or at least easily found. As long as the hashtags are relevant, readers should be able to find the kind of eBooks they’re looking for by browsing literary hashtags.

At least, that’s how it’s supposed to work. With over 974 million Twitter accounts registered, it’s somewhat difficult to get your message to the right recipient. Especially when many of these author and …

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Take a Look: It’s in Our Book Club Editions!

Posted in Blog by - Jan 15, 2016

Here at Kindred, we like to leave our readers with more questions than answers – and now, for three of our previous releases, that’s exactly the case:


We’ve added Book Club Editions for Bruce Loper’s The Boob Job and The S-X-O-Fender Motel. These editions contain questions the end of the book designed to enhance open-ended discussion among book club readers. But you don’t have to be in a club to buy these[1] – they’re the same price as the regular versions! We’ve also compiled a #BookClubEdition for Bob With Wife, based on sparse notes and scraps of paper discovered in a burnt cardboard box behind author …

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The Problem with Prescience

Posted in Blog by - Jun 24, 2015

I began work today on a new short story, and there is a bit of time paradox stuff going on, and that got me thinking about how a lot of the stories out there about time travel or changing history don’t really address the issue of paradox.

You see, there are basically two types of precognition-also know as future sight or prescience. The first is the simplest. Basically, a person can see in a limited way for a limited length of time an absolute future. Typically, this type of ability presents itself as visions that come and go erratically, and which …

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An Author’s Take on Symbolism

Posted in Blog by - Jun 15, 2015

Symbols are – as any High school English teacher will tell you – a key component of literature. The question is, do the symbols we see in literature come from the author, or from ourselves?

As an author myself, I can tell you that most of the symbolism people point out in my work was unintentional at the very least. Yes, I pepper in a few key phrases and images to draw the reader where I want them to go. But sometimes a reader will make a wild leap of symbolic reasoning, and I just scratch my head. Sure, a lot …

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“The Making of Zombie Wars,” A Review

Posted in Blog by - May 29, 2015
“The Making of Zombie Wars,” A Review

The Making of Zombie Wars, a novel by Aleksandar Hemon, is not just another zombie story, but instead a close look at the process of writing, reviewing, and pitching a story. Hemon is a Bosnian born Chicago native, and is the author of several other novels, including Nowhere Man, and The Lazarus Project. In his newest novel, Hemon gives examples of his ideas, as well as a brief look at how many people perceive the writing process.

By giving a realistic look at it, Hemon allows us all to see how one goes from an idea, to a full fledged novel, or motion picture. Taking a simple …

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