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Kindred Digital Books is a cooperative digital publishing group.

We are a collection of authors, editors, graphic artists, & readers who can lift each other to achieve a greater reach and visibility. We only publish good, well-written books with original covers so that readers recognize Kindred Digital Books as a quality product they can trust. All of our members purchase and write reviews for all of our books so that your book rapidly climbs the Kindle algorithm. We work with our authors, providing only what they need.  Authors are encouraged to provide their cover art and editing, but we can also connect you with members that offer these services.

Kindred Digital Books

Kindred Books was founded in 2013!


Will McConnell
Co-Founder at Kindred Publishing | Co-Owner of Bit Social Media | "If you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything." - Mark Twain
Lindsey Westdorp
Co-Founder of Kindred Publishing | Co-Owner at Bit Social Media | "I live for my dreams...and a pocket full of gold"
Bruce Loper
Co-Founder at Kindred Publishing | Author | Retired high school English teacher currently teaching college. Detective wannabe. Lives on a small lake with a big dog who is willing to chase Frisbees all day long. Life is good.
Bob Loblaw
Bob is shy, crippling shy. He only agreed to publish the book provided we show no pictures and give no information which could be used to find him.
Aaron Birdwell
I've never been much for describing myself. I'm twenty-one, and feel like an old man already. My inspiration-like most fantasy novelists-comes from the great Tolkien. My other muses are men and women like Goodkind, Coville, McAfferey, and anyone who dares to imagine whole new worlds.
Andrea Wood
More of a reader than an author, Andrea Wood graduated with a teaching degree and her current goal is to disprove the old idiom "Those who can, do; Those who can't, teach."