Children’s Author Review: Audrey Wood

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Children’s Author Review: Audrey Wood

If you are looking for an exciting, eccentric new children’s book author Audrey Wood is an exceptional option. Wood has over 30 children’s books published, the most notable being The Napping House. Among others are: Silly Sally, The Red Racer, and The Bunyans. Wood’s husband, Don Wood, illustrates with beautiful, colorful graphics that help young readers interpret the story. Born in Florida, Wood developed a creative mind due to her exposure to the circus and being read to every night.

Wood’s engaging stories opens the door for readers’ imaginations and stimulates the flow of creativity. Her books also allow children to learn very basic types of literary devices, one of those being pathetic fallacy, a type of personification of human emotions that are attributed to aspects of the story’s natural world, such as the weather. An example of Wood’s use of this literary device is in the book The Napping House. In the story the weather reflects the thoughts and feelings of the characters. While the people and animals are asleep the weather is dark and gloomy, as the story continues the weather continues to change, bring in the dawn. When the characters awaken dawn has broken, and it is a beautiful day for the happy members in the napping house.

Children's Author Audrey Wood

One of the many available titles of Children’s Author Audrey Wood

Similarly in Quick as a Cricket, Wood introduces the use of physical metaphors/similes, the most commonly used metaphors/similes for those in early childhood. For example: “I’m as quick as a cricket.” Her additional use of gently rhyming text and the self-affirming message at the ending: “Put it all together and you’ve got me,” creates an excellent piece of children’ls literature that people of all ages can enjoy.

Audrey Wood’s most recent activities include the publishment of the new companion to The Napping House: The Full Moon at the Napping House. For more information visit Wood’s personal website: or her blog!

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