Amazon’s Latest Kindle Oasis Leaks Online

Posted in Blog by - April 12, 2016
Amazon’s Latest Kindle Oasis Leaks Online

Several images of Amazon’s eighth e-reader iteration, Kindle Oasis, have leaked online through a Japanese retail website.

[Originally Reported by The Verge] Although the Kindle Oasis reveal wasn’t supposed to happen until later this week (check out Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ tweet below), some technical specs were included with the images – but, for the most part, we’re loving everything we’re seeing.

Jeff Bezos Kindle Oasis

At this point, I’m sure Jeff is upset about the leak – especially after prepping for a big reveal. But, it’s not like he has other things to worry about: like when he lost $6 Billion in January.

From the leaked information and Kindle Oasis screenshots we saw (the original source has since disappeared), here’s what we know:

  • Right/Left-hand ‘wedge’ design for less fingerprints, better ergonomics.
  • Device weighs 20% less than previous version – now just 0.29 lbs.
  • 20 months of standby charge.
  • New sleep mode.
  • Rechargeable battery case.
  • Notable increase in LED backlight

These features are quite boastful compared to previous generation Kindles, and of course we’re going to see routine upgrades, but…20 months of standby battery life!? The only thing we’re wary about is the new wedge design – but we’ll see how that plays out. If it’s more ergonomic and feels natural while you’re reading, it could draw even more book fans on as prospective buyers.

But it also makes sense that Amazon would pull out any stops to make sure traditional readers are still interested in eBooks – given some recent news that major publishers are seeing declining sales. (The good news being indie author sales are expected to grow during that same period).

We’ll update this post later this week once we find out the product launch date from the real reveal. Until then, here’s a few more photos courtesy of The Verge:


image via The Verge


image via The Verge

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