50 eBook Hashtags for Kindle Authors

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50 eBook Hashtags for Kindle Authors

Ask any author on Amazon and the answer is the same: hashtags are a great avenue for reaching your audience. Between book niches like romance, sci fi, and even non-fiction, authors use eBook hashtags to keep readers close to their work – or at least easily found. As long as the hashtags are relevant, readers should be able to find the kind of eBooks they’re looking for by browsing literary hashtags.

At least, that’s how it’s supposed to work. With over 974 million Twitter accounts registered, it’s somewhat difficult to get your message to the right recipient. Especially when many of these author and eBook accounts are tweeting 24/7!

This makes it important to utilize hashtags and to differentiate your Twitter content from other eBook authors. Of course, there are lots of other practices that will help you find success on Twitter, but this is one of the most fundamental. You can feature an eBook hashtag in nearly every tweet you make, so it’s important to understand how it all works early on. Many authors, and other Twitter users with an online following, will go the next step further and build up their own eBook hashtags, like if they have a book series, for instance, which is a great way to help build your audience.

ebook Hashtags example

#BestSeller, #Kindle, #HistoricalFiction – related eBook hashtags!

In most cases, the eBook you’re promoting will only appeal to certain number of hashtags on its own. Don’t try and stuff a bunch of unrelated tags into your tweets – potential readers find this annoying, and you’ll lower potential sales. Either way, there are plenty of useful hashtags you can take advantage of as an indie author – to get you started on nailing down those approximate terms, we’ve compiled this list of 100 ebook hashtags!

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