“The Making of Zombie Wars,” A Review

Posted in Blog by - May 29, 2015
“The Making of Zombie Wars,” A Review

The Making of Zombie Wars, a novel by Aleksandar Hemon, is not just another zombie story, but instead a close look at the process of writing, reviewing, and pitching a story. Hemon is a Bosnian born Chicago native, and is the author of several other novels, including Nowhere Man, and The Lazarus Project. In his newest novel, Hemon gives examples of his ideas, as well as a brief look at how many people perceive the writing process.

By giving a realistic look at it, Hemon allows us all to see how one goes from an idea, to a full fledged novel, or motion picture. Taking a simple thought or daydream and turning it into a novel, or a motion picture, is an act not just of creation, but of desperation, inspiration, and not least of all, insanity. How can it not be insane, to think that your ideas are so original and inspired that others are going to want to know about it?

This novel explains not just the source of that insanity, but how one channels it and makes it into the things we see in everyday life, on the big screen, or on a page, or even on the Internet – I mean, just look at you, right now. This look into the mind of an author and his creative process is an astoundingly satisfying read, if you’re looking to expand your view on authorship and the creative process. If you’re looking for some mass produced zombie kill-a-thon, don’t bother. The Making of Zombie Wars is available on Kindle here, via Audible, or in Hardcover.

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