The Water Gate Post

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The Water Gate Post

The Water Gate Post is Kindred Founder Bruce Loper’s Latest & Greatest:

Already a winner with early releases winning the coveted Kilgore Trout Excellence in Fiction Award for 2013, Bruce Loper takes his fourth novel,  The report on the demise of the Water Gate Post, to new heights.

The Water Gate Post is that powerful book that comes along a few times each generation. One to be talked about and analyzed for years to come. If anything, it is an update on “The Dead Poet Society”, only better. Much better. Much more relevant, with characters we can relate to.

This is what our schools look like today when given a good teacher, students looking for purpose, and politics. The characters are compelling and speak passionately in their own voice, the year after Mr. Dombrowski was fired. Fired for doing his job. For teaching. For motivating students to learn and to utilize the power of a free press with the Water Gate Post.

It resonates today where most classics don’t, wrote Kindred Digital Books partner, Will McConnell, Beyond the relevance, it’s a human story—Trying to do the right thing, for the right reasons, in spite of others…an instant classic, by any means!

Every journalism student in America should read this book to learn what they are getting into. Everyone else should read it just for the entertainment.

Pages: 187

Now Available: The Water Gate Post!

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