You Made Me Love You (1915)

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You Made Me Love You (1915)

Step into Helena’s shoes 100 years ago and experience LOVE, hate, joy and sorrow as she tumbles into adulthood and struggles to control her own destiny, in You Made Me Love You (1915).

In 1915, Northern Michigan and Wisconsin rural folk were mostly lumberjacks, miners, farmers, and even whiskey runners. Girls often got married young, worked like horses, and shucked out a dozen kids. It was the dawn of WWI and the suffrage movement in full steam, when folks said, “Those women are just plain trouble makers!” Helena dreamed of independence from Pa and Ma, becoming a teacher, and romance with Revey. However, she soon learned that her sass, spirit, and ambition were not enough to free her from Pa having the final say. Pa always said he was run’n the show, and he did.

Helena’s strength and resilience give her the ability to overcome tragedy and disappointment in her first-person narrative beginning in 1929 when she recalls a year and half of the nineteen-teens. You Made Me Love You (1915) is now available on Amazon, written by Michigan author, Connie Benchley!

You Made Me Love You (1915), now available on Amazon!

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