Taliesin: The Making

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Taliesin: The Making

Taliesin was born a druid.

One of a race of magic users who live in seclusion from the rest of the world. But Taliesin has no innate magic himself. So when he’s presented with an opportunity to seize that power for himself, he jumps on it. He follows the path of a madman to get what he’s always wanted. But, with his newfound power he is thrust into a position he can’t handle, and he must try to cope with a new world. Will he stand tall against the rush of darkness? Or will the shadows of his past consume him?

Taliesin: The Making is the first in a Fantasy Trilogy by local Northern Michigan author Aaron Birdwell. Be sure to follow Kindred for updates on his next book in the series!

Now Available: Taliesin - The Making

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  • Release Date: 6/20/2013
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I've never been much for describing myself. I'm twenty-one, and feel like an old man already. My inspiration-like most fantasy novelists-comes from the great Tolkien. My other muses are men and women like Goodkind, Coville, McAfferey, and anyone who dares to imagine whole new worlds.