The S-X-O-Fender Motel

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The S-X-O-Fender Motel

“The S-X-O-Fender Motel is even more outrageous than The Boob Job!”

The S-X-O-Fender Motel is funny, sexy, serious, and a great detective story all in one. Get it and read it before the movie comes out. Remember, the book is always better.

Barry discovers his wife is a lesbian and his comfortable, boring, school-teacher life implodes. Sentenced to a year in the S-X-O- Fender Motel, he needs to make a living and build a life, with no skills for either. He turns to The Professor’s Online Detective School and Craigslist and….just read it.

The S-X-O-Fender Motel is now available on Amazon!

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  • Release Date: 3/4/2013
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