Bob With Wife by Bob Loblaw

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Bob With Wife by Bob Loblaw

Bob With Wife is a book club hit.

Book clubs from Michigan to Indiana have hit it. Now its digital form is going on the road.

You will like Bob! You will like Bob! You will like Bob!
In fact, you will like and relate to all of the characters in this laugh-out-loud novel, Bob With Wife. Everybody has or knows of a “Sal”, the sister from Hell, or they wish they knew a “Krissy” the little sister they wish they had. But how many have the opportunity to date the person of their dreams, the ten, like Bob? To win her heart after failing with Lisa, the high school sweetheart, and Mikey, the protesting activist, and even “the fair Donna Dirskson” if we must go all the way back to third grade and we must. Bob’s a mess. He’s naïve. He’s looking for love and acceptance. He’s looking for meaning in life. In other words, Bob’s human. Laugh at him. Laugh with him. Experience life with him. He’s one of us. Live the 70’s and fall in love, out of love, and back in love again, with Bob With Wife, out now!

Bob With Wife - Now Available!

  • Release Date: 3/4/2013
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Bob is shy, crippling shy. He only agreed to publish the book provided we show no pictures and give no information which could be used to find him.