The Boob Job by Bruce Loper

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The Boob Job by Bruce Loper

The Boob Job, by Bruce Loper, is a quirky, fun to read book.

Twenty-five year old Jimmy takes an online private eye course through the Professor in order to solve a slip-and-fall insurance fraud case for his domineering mother. While there, he is hired by Jen, an insecure woman who has come to the water-park to show off her new over-sized boobs, and together they need to survive and learn how to live, while escaping the threats from the crazy reverend who killed her aunt.

The Boob Job is intended to be the first in a series of The Professor detective books. The Professor runs a detective school online. He says he is retired FBI, CIA, and Secret Service, but he comes across as somewhat crazy with his exaggerated stories of his glory years. Jimmy is obviously under-prepared for his first case and really solves it only through luck. During this case he meets Jen, who flirts outrageously but is really insecure. She discovers her wealthy aunt, who has paid for her boob job and her boring vacation at the water-park, has been defrauded by a reverend who spouts a lot of modified Bible verses. She hires Jimmy to prove the fraud, but meanwhile the aunt is killed. Jen is the police suspect, and Jimmy needs to prove the reverend did it, but the reverend threatens them both into silence, which they accept as their opportunity for life. Jimmy and Jen have fallen into unrequited lust.

I have been a fan of Carl Hiaasen for years and appreciate his goofy, exaggerated characters with an opportune former Governor who rides in to save their butts. Hiaasen is the inspiration for this series, and The Boob Job. Anyone who enjoys a good detective story with a strong blend of characters and humor will love this book. It is written to enjoy, relax, get some laughs and have an adventure on the safe side of the book.

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